Syed Zaiduzzaman Hamid, better known as Zaid Hamid, is a Pakistani security consultant and political commentator. His byline in newspaper articles has been Zaid Zaman.

Early life and education

Zaid was born in Karachi, in 1964. His father, Col. Zaman Hamid (Retd), served in the Pakistan Army. Zaid spent his early life in Karachi. He received a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree in Computer Systems Engineering from NED University, Karachi in 1980’s.

Political views

Through his TV programmes, Hamid has claimed that a nexus between India’s RAW, the CIA and Israel’s Mossad is responsible for the destabilization of Pakistan. He also claims that the November 2008 Mumbai attacks, were part of a plan hatched by “Hindu Zionists” and “Western Zionists”, and that it was an attempt by the Indians to stage an attack just like the Americans executed the September 11 attacks.

He has stated that the 2010 Pakistan floods were caused by India releasing water from its rivers flowing into Pakistan. He further went on to ask India for compensation for the floods and the damage caused.


A number of noted Pakistani journalists, writers and Islamic scholars have criticized Hamid and have described his views on politics and security as conspiracy theories.