Fauzia KasuriPresident of Women Wing of PTI
Born: N/A
Profession: Politician
Affiliation(s): PTI

Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri is the President of Women Wing of PTI.


Bachelor of Arts from Karachi University, St.Joseph’s College,Khi.

Graduate School at University of North Carolina, NC, USA.

First Part of the MBA program at UNC, NC.

Currently completing Masters in International Relations, Punjab University.

When and Why did I join PTI:

I am a founding member of PTI and have been with the party, the day it was formed.
I joined it because of my belief in the leadership of Imran Khan, his courage and determination to bring about a genuine change in our decadent political system and his vision for a prosperous and progressive Pakistan, based on justice and rule of law.

What do you want to do to improve PTI:

PTI is a party with new faces and fresh ideas. I think it has grown from a small party to the third largest party in Pakistan today. But, there is great potential for further growth and it needs to be tapped. We need to effectively spread the message to the grass root level, for our popularity to translate into votes. Our organization needs to be stronger and the party is continuously working on that.

Any interesting event which motivated you to join PTI:

I had been working as a volunteer in raising funds for ShaukatKhanum CancerHospital even before the hospital started. Living in the United States, most of my adult life, I was not a very keen fan of cricket and did not really care too much for Imran Khan’s cricketing prowess. When I moved to Bahrain, I was introduced to Imran Khan by my brother, Chico Jahangir who was his long time friend from London. I held a fundraiser for the hospital at my house in Bahrain and was really impressed by Imran’s passion to serve needy Pakistani cancer patients through this medical facility. Since then, I remained involved and helped organize many such events. Having watched Imran closely, seeing his determination, energy and commitment to the cause, I naturally joined him day one in his resolve to change the political dynamics of Pakistan and make it a fair, livable society, for all, based on the rule of law and constitutionalism.