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Haroon Tariq


Pakistan, Some calls it most dangerous nation of the world and some calls it a failed state but we always come with a strong answer not by words but by actions as actions speak louder than words. Pakistan’s Haroon Tariq has broke the world record by getting highest number of A’s in O and A levels as he got total 47 A’s in 3 years in exams from the University of Cambridge International Examinations.

Ali Nawazish and Zohaib Asad are the other two students that took their and their country names genniuss book of world record. It will be injustice by not mentioning here that previous record of maximum numbers of A’s was also held by a Pakistani student by securing 28 A’s overall. Haroon Tariq however secured 37 A’s in O level 10 A’s in A levels talking him to total of 47 A’s.

Talking to a newspaper Haroon Tariq said that it wasn’t easy to get such huge numbers of A’s as he has to study courses in different languages like Spanish and French. Haroon studied humanities and sciences including subjects like Islamic Religion, Culture, Global Development, Human and Social Biology. He secured 47 A’s in total of 50 subjects, talented student from Froebel’s International School is looking forward to study engineering in future and in that he is confused either to take Aeronautical Engineering or Software Engineering.

Record holder Haroon Tariq said his teachers were very supportive during his O and A level and their guidance took him to this remarkable achievement as now he stands tall at top of the world. Such students make their country proud of them and such individuals creates a positive image of Pakistan. Surely whole country is proud of this young lad. We wish him all the best for his future and pray that he comes up with more world records.