Tere Bin Laden 3

If you thought Osama Bin Laden was dead and forgotten, think again. The world’s most wanted terrorist is set to return to the silver screen from the afterlife as WalkWater Media begins pre-production on the sequel to their smash hit Tere Bin Laden starring Pakistani actor-singer Ali Zafar. The original movie, produced by Pooja Shetty Deora and Aarti Shetty, received rave reviews for the satirical parody on Osama Bin Laden. The Shetty sisters are now working on a sequel to the blockbuster.

Titled Tere Bin Laden 3, the sequel (or three-quel!) of the comedy takes place after Osama’s death. “I’m very excited about Tere Bin Laden 3 as it reunites a young, talented bunch of people and will allow us to relive the exciting Tere Bin Laden journey,” Pooja shared. While she will be overseeing production, the film will be written and directed by Abhishek Sharma, with both Pradhuman Singh and Ali Zafar acting in the sequel. “Abhishek has a good script with a whole new format of story-telling,” discloses Aarti, adding, “We are looking forward to starting work on this film!”

WalkWater Media is set to begin the pre-production of Tere Bin Laden 3 on May 2, to coincide with the first death anniversary of the terrorist. No doubt the sequel will be as funny as the original movie, but the producers aren’t giving anything away. When questioned about the film, Sharma responded, “All I can say is that Tere Bin Laden 3 will be one of the most original sequels!”

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