Muhammad Azam Khan SwatiMember Of Senate
Born: N/A
Profession: Politician
Party Affiliation: PTI
Home Phone: 051-9223856, 0992-380800, 382327
Mobile Phone: 0300-8110034
Fax: 0992-382327
Email: [email protected]
Province: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Address: H.No.13, Minister’s Enclave, Islamabad.

He Newly Resigned The Party JUI-F and Join PTI on 25th December 2011.


Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications
Standing Committee on Overseas Pakistanis
Standing Committee on Privatization
Finance Committee
Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights and Parliamentary Affairs
Functional Committee on Human Rights
Library Committee


Tenure = March 2006 to March 2012


Born and raised in a small village in the mountain range of Himalyas in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.Politics was not foreign to him because he grew up in a politically active family and saw his father, uncles, and cousins participating in the local politics and was cognizant about his ancestor’s political history that encouraged him to compete in his school and college debates and got elected as President of the student council many times.

*B.A from Post Graduate College Abbottabad, NWFP (Pakistan)
*M.A (Economics) University of Peshawar (Pakistan)
*LL.B (Bachelor of Law) Gold Medalist, University of Karachi (Pakistan)
*M.A Political Science from University of Karachi (Pakistan)
*LL.M University of Houston Law Center (Houston,Texas-USA)
*Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD) South Texas College of Law (Houston, Texas-USA) Texas State Bar Certified Attorney at Law.

In 1997 he established Pak-Oil Company and acquired jobber-ship for Exxon, Chevron, Mobil,Shell and Diamond Shamrok. Besides fuel distribution & whole sale business he has handsome investments in real estate in the Beaumont-Golden Triangle areas as well as in the bordering State of Louisiana.

During his stay in United States he keenly studied the American Institutions and functioning of their democratic system. He felt the urge to help his country of origin by transferring the experience he had acquired in his adopted homeland America.

He took along a burning desire to see American values of liberty, Justice Right to pursue happiness,Civil liberties, Rule of Law and due process of Law transplanted in Pakistan. His desire to serve Pakistan led him back to Pakistan and he started participating in active politics. He participated in first local government elections under the rule of General Musharaf and got elected with landslide victory as ” District Nazim” of NWFP’s largest District”Mansehra”.After serving one and a half years he resigned from that position in order to run for senate and he got elected to Pakistan Senate with highest votes in February 2003.

During his service as a Nazim he set new precedents in the politics of Pakistan by not accepting any salary,official transport, no lodging and boarding, security and contributed from his personal pocket a significant amount of funds for social welfare and development projects .He made his legacy of giving to people of Pakistan and not to be on the receiving end. He played a pivotal role in establishing the HAZARA University in District Mansehra,which is the only institution of higher learning in the area with special emphasis on universal values. This is a great contribution for the poor and under privileged people of Hazara having a thirst for higher education aiming to serve their country and people in particular and humanity at large.

Mr. Sawti looks forward to playing a vital role in the Senate of Pakistan by legislating laws which guarantee rule of law, protection of human rights and rights of women, victims,poor and minorities and the right to due process of law. Most of all he is desirable to bring sanctity and supremacy to the people’s elected parliament.Mr. Sawti also intends to play a role in promoting goodwill and friendship between the people of Pakistan and USA, through promotion of trade, investment and commerce.

Got elected District Nazim Mansehra in 2001. Brought New Vision to this institution. Set example of honesty and integrity for others to follow.
Got elected Senator in 2003 and joined J.U.I (F).
Got re-elected Senator again on technocrat seat in 2006.
Member of several organizations.
Pattern-in-Chief of Meher Children Foundation and Pakistan Chamber of Commerce, USA.
As a Senator, he represented Pakistan on many national and international forums including United Nation.

Membership of Senate Committees

Senate Standing Committee on Commerce
Functional Committee on Government Assurance
Functional Committee on Problems of Less Developed Areas
Senate Standing Committee on Health
Senate Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources
Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology
Senate Library Committee