Lal Haveli - home of Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed in RawalpindiThe Lal Haveli (Urdu: لال حویلی), is a famous Haveli (residence) as well as the political centre for the Pakistani politician Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed. It is located in the central part of old Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.

This structure is said to have been the abode of a famous prostitute of the area before independence of Pakistan. She had a Masjid and a Temple built within the confines of her residence, perhaps in order to placate the guilt of her clients. The woman was murdered for reasons unknown and thus her ownership of this building ended.

Sheikh Rasheed used to be a minor bookseller in this area at the time, his place of business being just a few meters from the front entrance. It is said that his infatuation with the grand building and its owner led him to buy the building later on in his life when he had the means to do so.