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Rasool Bux Palijo

Rasool Bux PalijoSindh Awami Tahreek
Born: N/A
Profession: Politician
Affiliation(s): Sindh Awami Tahreek

Rasool Bux Palijo son of Ali Mohammad Palijo and Laadee Bai was born at the village Mungar Khan Palijo, Jungshahi, Thatta District, Sindh on September 21, 1930. He got his early education at his village and then at Sindh Madarso Karachi. After joining the madarso and visiting Karachi and Hyderabad he was shocked by the illiteracy of Sindhis and started a movement for the education of Sindhi villagers. From the early childhood Sindhi, Urdu and English literature and European and Islamic History, Philosophy and Political science were his favorite subjects of study. At the age of 15 years he attained mastery over Sindhi, Udru and English languages and latter became well conversant with Arabic, Balochi, Seraiki, Punjabi and Persian languages. At an early age of fifteen years, he started his career as an activist and writer and today at the age 76 years he has earned a place in the pantheon of leaders from the South Asia who earned everlasting fame in the struggle against feudalism, martial-laws, colonialism and imperialism. He was one of the leading founders of Awami National Party, Sindh Mutahida Muhaz, Sindh Qomi Itehad, Bazm-e-Soofia-e Sindh, PONM, Sindhi Adabi Sangat, MRD, Anti One-Unit Movement and 4th March Movement. He has founded Awami Tahreek, Sindhi Haree Committee, Sindhiani Tahreek, Sindhi Shagird Tahreek, Sindhi Haree Tahreek, Pakistan Awami Jamhoori Itehad, Pakistan Awami Tahreek, Sindhi Mazdoor Tahreek, Sindh Intellectual Forum, Sindhi Awam Jo Qomi Itehad, Sindhi Girls Students Organization, Sujaag Bar Tahreek, Sindh Water Committee, 1940 Pakistan Resolution Implementation Committee Awami Jamhoori Tahreek and Anti Greater Thal Canal and Kalabagh Dam Action Committee. He also launched Neelam Band Karyo and Voter Listoon Sindhi men Chapayo Tahreek. He was one of the leading figures behind the Movement For Restoration of Democracy (MRD). He and his party Awami Tahreek played active role against illegal Army Operation in Bangladesh and Balochistan and in the Movement of Journalists against General Zia ul Haq and in Bhutto Bahcayo Tahreek. He is one of the outstanding speakers of Sub-continent, top Constitutional and Criminal Lawyers of Pakistan and the first Sindhi and South Asian Politician who launched and organized the movement against Kalabagh Dam, Violence in Educational Institutions, and against Urban Based Organized Terrorism. He has introduced a new nonviolent trend of democratic struggles in Sindh by way of Long Marchs. He is the author of more than 40 books and his books are on numerous subjects, ranging from literature to politics, prison dairies, culture and poetry etc. He became the first political prisoner who remained longest term in jail under political charges for more than 11 years and was declared as Prisoner of Conscience by Amnesty International in 1981.