Mehar BukhariHost/Journalist
Born: N/A
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation(s): Dunya News

Education and Career

She was bought up and raised in Pakistan, went abroad in pursuit of higher education, and inevitably returned. This macro, eagle’s vision view of my life, proves that life, although fortunate, has been nothing extraordinary. However, as we all know, beauty lies in the finer details of life, and mine is no exception. The most recent, ironical and beautiful being, my return home in search of my ‘nai rahain’

Interview with Imran khan

Her Interview with Imran khan and especially her intro for Imran khan was fantastic, it says “There are only three ways to get famous in Pakistan, either you are a politician or you are a philanthropist or you are a cricketer but Imran khan is combination of all three”.

No Doubt, Meher Bukhari is a rising talent and is a new star in Pakistani electronic media.

Marriage with Kashif Abbasi

Mehar is married to Kashif Abbasi, a renowned name in Pakistani Media.