Kaptaan moviePakistan born and UK based filmmaker Faisal Aman Khan has taken initiative to do a feature film on former Pakistan Cricketer Imran Khan who is considered to be one of the living legends in the world of cricket.

The movie based on the former cricket star’s life, which is still in post-production phase, explores the experiences of a man who dedicates his life to his country while also struggling with personal and spiritual anguish. The movie is slated to release in February, 2012.

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Movie Plot, Story & Synopsis:

The story follows Imran Khan’s life post the world cup victory in 1992. It follows the events that have shaped up his life. From being ridiculed in Cricket to being labeled as a playboy. From the tragic death of his mother, to his efforts and endeavors in building the first cancer hospital in Pakistan. From being the first Chancellor of the University of Bradford, to the building of Namal University. His is a life more inspiring, motivational and relevant than any other man who has faced himself and asked the basic question of being. A hero, a living legend, a visionary, the lion of Pakistan, IMRAN KHAN!

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