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Imran Khan; who was born in Lahore on 25 November, 1952 is a former cricketer and Pakistani politician. Being active in cricket for more than two decades, he has lead Pakistan in the 1992 world cup and won the prestigious cup for Pakistan. After retiring, he joined politics and made his own party in the year 1996. He is also the chancellor of university of Bradford and founded Namal College in Pakistan. He got success in different fronts in his life and has been voted as Asia’s person of the year in 2012. He has become the member of National Assembly twice and is currently elected from NA-56 for the national assembly of Pakistan.

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Imran khan was born in 1952 to a civil engineer Ikramullah Khan Niazi. He has a privileged education in the Aitchison college located on Mall road; Lahore. He then moved to England to pursue further studies and this was the time that he got attracted to cricket and excelled at it. Khan; made his test debut against England in 1971 and made his once day debut in 1974 against England as well. Imran Khan came back to Pakistan in 1976 and joined his home country’s team permanently. With sheer talent and commitment, he became one the top fast bowlers of his time. Khan became the captain of Pakistani cricket team in 1982 and helped Pakistan to win the world cup in 1992 under his captaincy. During the world cup, he improved his batting and his services as bowlers were minimal.
After the retirement from the cricket, Mr. Khan was stuck in the controversy of ball tempering. Khan was taken to court when he made comments on Ian Botham but Khan won the case with the jury vote of 10-2. After his retirement; he married Jemima Goldsmith in Paris. Jemima converted to Islam and together they had two boys whose names are Kasim and Suleman Isa. The married was accepted by many people in the country; however some people criticized Khan’s decision in marrying Jemima because of her Jewish ancestry. There were several rumors about the disagreements between the two but both parties denied the allegations. On the contrary, they got divorced in 2004 ending the nine year marriage.

Imran Khan is one the leading names in the Pakistani politics as he made his own political part in 1996. Initially, the party was not so popular and was in the support of Musharraf’s regime. Khan supported Musharraf on his vision of ending the corruption in Pakistani politics. Khan was elected as a member of National Assembly in the year 2002 but his party failed to perform well. Imran Khan and his party boycotted the elections held in Pakistan in 2008 but emerged as a big player in the 2013 general elections. In the 2013 general elections; PTI won 35 national assembly seats and got a majority in the KPK provincial assembly.

Khan is seen as a face of change in Pakistan and is considered as hope for many people who are tired to the corruption in Pakistani politics. Imran Khan and his party are constantly taking steps to make sure that the next general election can be free from rigging. Imran Khan was in constant pressure from several rumors regarding his second marriage but he constantly denied then. ON January 6, 2015; he confirmed that he has married Reham Khan. On January 8, 2015 a private Nikah ceremony was held in his residency at Bani Gala.

Pakistan born and UK based filmmaker Faisal Aman Khan has taken initiative to do a feature film “Kaptaan” based on the life of Imran Khan. The film releases on February 2012.

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