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  • Earthquake in Pakistan

    Earthquake in Pakistan

    Live updates of Earthquake in Pakistan with breaking news and updates from social media with real-time updates, pictures & videos on Pakistan Times. Get to know the epicentre of the quake, affected areas and the quake’s magnitude. Earthquake in PakistanList of Earthquake in Pakistan Earthquake in Pakistan: Pakistan is situated at the north western side […]

  • 14th August – Pakistan Independence Day

    14th August – Pakistan Independence Day

    All about the 14th August Date and facts about Pakistan Independence Day with an overview, importance and significance, the date and what Pakistan Independence Day means and how is it celebrated across the country. When: 14th August What: Pakistan Independence Day This Year: Friday 14th August 2015 Independence Day of Pakistan is observed annually on […]

  • Hajj Guide, Training & Wiki Information

    Hajj Guide, Training & Wiki Information

    All about HAJJ 2015 with a comprehensive guide on how to perform Hajj in Urdu, training and other important information. This is a complete Hajj guide with more information being updated on regular basis. Training Video | Watch Live Stream | Wikipedia Hajj 2015 Application Status Hajj is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims that […]

  • Rohingya Genocide

    Rohingya Genocide

    Coverage of Rohingya Genocide and the killings of Rohinghya, the Muslim minority in Myanmar with latest news, videos and updates continually tracked on Pakistan Times The Rohinghya are a heavily persecuted Muslim minority in Myanmar, many of whom live in displacement camps after deadly unrest erupted in 2012 in Rakhine, one of Myanmar’s poorest states […]

  • Zarb e Azb

    Zarb e Azb

    Full coverage of Zarb e Azb, the countrywide PAK ARMY’s operation against militants with both ground troops and air strikes attacks. Get Zarb e Azb latest news, videos and wiki updates continually tracked on Pakistan Times Zarb e AzbZarb e Azb Videos Zarb e Azb is name given to the military operation started against terrorism […]

  • 23rd March PTI Jalsa Live

    23rd March PTI Jalsa Live

    23rd March PTI Jalsa in Lahore Live coverage with live stream of PTI Jalsa from Lahore. More than 80,000 elected party leaders are going to take oath in this historic event. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has announced an oath taking ceremony of elected party workers and Jalsa on the republic day of Pakistan in Lahore at Minar-e-Pakistan […]

  • Quetta Protest

    Quetta Protest

    QUETTA: Families refusing to bury their dead after twin bombings in Quetta vowed to continue their sit-in protest until the army takes over security. Jan 14th, 2013 Update Former minister Jan Ali Changezi has announced to end sit-in at 10 AM on Monday as President Asif Ali Zardari signed the summary regarding imposition of Governor’s […]

  • Long March by Tahirul Qadri

    Long March by Tahirul Qadri

    News   Videos | Pktube  Wikipedia  RSS Long March Live Stream Courtesy Long March Latest News [carpwp:feed{}][/carpwp] Long March Latest Videos [carpwp:feed{}][/carpwp] Long March Pictures & Videos Multimedia Long March Latest Pictures Supporters of Muhammad Tahirul Qadri, leader of Mihaj-ul-Quran movement sit on top of a bus during a protest march from Lahore to Islamabad Supporters of Muhammad […]

  • Asif Zardari Visit to India

    Asif Zardari Visit to India

    President Asif Ali Zardari became the first Pakistani head of state since 2005 to visit India on Sunday for a one-day trip he described as “very fruitful” in improving ties between the rivals. During a visit billed as private but of great diplomatic significance, Zardari lunched with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and invited him […]

  • World Health Day

    World Health Day

    World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7 April, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO). In 1948, the World Health Organization held the First World Health Assembly. The Assembly decided to celebrate 7 April of each year, with effect from 1950, as the World Health Day. The World Health Day is […]

  • Nuclear Security Summit

    Nuclear Security Summit

    President Obama proposed to hold a Nuclear Security Summit in 2010 in his Prague speech on April 5, 2009, and officially announced his plans to host the Summit at the G-8 Summit that was held in July 2009. 2010 Nuclear Security Summit: The 2010 Nuclear Security Summit was a summit held in Washington, D.C., on […]

  • Pakistan Floods

    Pakistan Floods

    All information and latest news of Pakistan Monsoon Rains, Flash floods in Pakistan, Floods in Punjab, Floods in Sindh and damages updates with latest news, pictures & images and videos – PAKISTAN EVENTS Thousands trapped in Pakistan’s flood-hit Sindh In Pakistan’s fertile south, a grim-faced soldier found himself in a standoff with 100 flood-stricken protesters […]

  • Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik Wedding

    Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik Wedding

    Denials and divorces in place, Shoaib Malik finally married tennis star Sania Mirza on Monday in her hometown of Hyderabad. The wedding was held at 1 pm at the Taj Krishna, a private function with close family members as invitees. “Sania wore a red saree that her mother had worn 25 years ago for her […]

  • Pakistan Long March

    Pakistan Long March

    All information coverage of the Lawyers Long March and Chief Justice Restoration with latest news, pictures & images and videos full coverage – PAKISTAN NEWS & EVENTS In 2007, President Musharraf declared emergency rule in Pakistan and removed more than 60 judges from power. Musharraf’s move was seen by many as an attempt to consolidate […]