DeedarActress and Stage Dancer
Born: N/A
Profession: Actress and Stage Dancer
Affiliation(s): Others

Deedar is an Actress and stage Dancer . She is tall beautiful girl with very sexy figure .Deedar did not get success in acting but She is very popular because of her dances . She is very busy in stage darams in lahore .She is one of best pakistani stage dancer .People come to theater to watch her dances .Deedar is very nice dancer of stage you can watch deedar stage drama is almost every week on any theator of lahore .Deedar is younger sister of famous pakistani actress and dancer Nargis . Both sister worked toghter in many stage plays tighter.

Now when the stage dramas are affected by the recent situation in our country, i think her career faced an immediate end. May be she should change her mind and should come to the real Drama world. She should join movie industry or TV Channels.